Friday, November 27, 2009

New Beginning.

A new year.... . Closing last year as the last year of being a young adult. I shall turn towards being responsible now!!

It's been half a year since my last post and so many things have happened since then.... There's single life and the joys and loneliness of single life.. There's new motivation upon realising that I am 22, no longer a young girl who still depends on her mommy.. that motivation is to start working and start earning and saving money... study like i've never studied before.. live life like there's no tomorrow and never push things to do on "another day"... There're interests and skills to be improved.. Knowledge to be acquired... So many things to do, it never seems to end...

updates :

Jiahau and Meitheng tying the knot

This is the first summer where i did not fly back home to malaysia to take my summer course. I have a part time job and so far I've been really busy. I learnt to socialise with co-workers, be friendly, don't frown, and that anything is satisfying when you put your heart and soul into it. even the summer design studio is unlike any studio i've ever taken. We have class from monday to thursday from 10am to 12pm and the remaining hours of the day, spent on group discussion and work... no stress, no pressure, just like an average person working everyday from 9 to 5...

Regardless, it does feel like I am always running out of time. I appreciate my time now and always try to do things quick. I think my mom'll be really proud of me if she knew how i've become. heehehe. ;) I feel as though I have never worked my body this way in my life.. I feel tired and drained. all i want is a holiday now. or more time to spend with my bf and friends.. But I have to say one thing, when a person starts working, they tend to be workaholics, always looking for jobs with a better deal. haha.. I couldnt help but browse through job websites just to see how the market is paying up these days. lol..

On another note, I am very grateful and happy that my life is surrounded by a minimal amount of bitches and hypocrits and just plain no-good-ppl in my life. I've come across one recently and I am glad to be rid of it... I just know i have to keep staying away cause they're my "xiao ren". I've learnt to deal with ppl the matured way, the good and the bad, though sometimes i admit i don't handle it very well, I try hard enough. I also realise that I am more daring to stand up for myself now, unlike before when i'll just keep quiet... Don'T PLAYPLAY!!

ok, everything written up there was written 9 months ago. Wow, time really flies, i've totally forgotten abt this place.. But my aspirations are still the same, I have recently just secured a fulltime job for after I graduate at the end of this year, yahooo!

my candle's still burning babeh!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Coping with single life.

(Pictures were taken in Docklands.)

It's been a long while hasn't it...........

Many important events have happened since the last time I updated my blog that have led to what I am now expressing on this post. I have recently gotten out of a 3 and a half years relationship, more than half of it which had been long distance. Looking back, it really made me realise how naive we both were to actually believe that it could work. 4 years of long distance out of 5 if it were to work? Yeah..

Being newly-single, I find myself open to new and endless possibilities. Or rather, I find myself more and more like that Gigi character in the He's Just Not That Into You movie. When i first watched the movie, "what a loser.." i thought. and now, O-M-G, I'm turning into her!!! According to a close close friend, making all the first moves, being on someone's beck and call, obsessing over every little sign I pick up, basically just obsessing.... gosh. Why do women act this way??!

Tossing and turning in bed, especially recently when I have all the time in the world now that the midyear holiday has started and I always end up waking up after only 5 hours of sleep instead of the 7 to 8 hours that a NORMAL PERSON SHOULD HAVE, I am constantly thinking about my situation and why i feel that way whilst trying to get the additional 3 hours of sleep! I'm single now. What do I want? I haven't actually gotten use to the idea of being single, much less enjoy it. That is it. I haven't found the one thing that most single girls would love, the urge to enjoy its freedom. Everyone's telling me, a break up is the time to learn and reflect on your relationship, and what you want to do with life now that you are free of obligations. I have been ignoring that advice.

I know now I have to take my time, do things that I want, so that's what I'll do. Make a list of all the things i want to do this holiday, and continue to do the rest of this year. and not obsess over every boy I see or bothering my poor brother with the continual consistent complaints and demands of "wanting a boyfriend".

To-Do-List :

1) read all my AA,AI,Monument magazines, extend my knowledge on architecture.

2) cook dishes every day at least once a day (in the holidays), 5 times a week (when school starts)

3) exercise 1/2 hour daily.

4) rock climbing!

5) get my passport renewed, get a work permit, get a part time job.

6) make good use of my slr and learn of its functions properly.

7) inspired by Yes Man! I shall "yes" to things i normally say no to. YES YES YES!


I started the day feeling really down and disappointed with myself. But after 1/2 hour on the treadmill, preparing chicken noodle soup for breakfast at 10am, watching YES MAN, and a full day of shopping, i actually feel much much better. haha, exercising, cooking and shopping is indeed therapeutic. Gonna be going to my school's exhibition of the student's works in a bit.

Typed out this post a week ago. I'm glad i'm actually doing more than half the things on my list. :) i'm getting somewhere, yay!

More posts soooon. Will try to update as much as possible.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eating Healthy and Exercising...

TUMMY!!!!!! MY GOD YOU'VE EXPANDED A LOTTTT!!! ... (another omg moment, yannee..)

MUFA FOODS. haha been obsessing abt how to lose tht belly of mine. so managed to research on MUFA! -monounsaturated fats! they're supposed to help rid of belly fats worr... i don't know whether true or not la, but i've just bought most of them 2 days ago!! hahha, so they are avocados, almonds (basically most nuts), olive oil, dark chocolate, flaxseed oil, ... that's the ones i can remember.

Been on the treadmill the past 4 days for 40 minutes, sweating away..... before, maybe once a week?? .. and eating normal but more healthily, like nuts as snacks and fruit smoothies for breakfast instead of burgers and nuggets as a midnight snack. but like, i look down, the tummy look bigger lehhh!! .. okla, i know you can't work miracles in 4 days.. but shouldn't the tummy look normal and not bigger?? Aih, will just keep trying and see if the method works.

then i went online and check again on dieting stuff... they say, even if you're eating healthy food, you still need to consider how much of it you allow to consume!!! ... that means, it 's not just abt eating healthy food, it's also you have to eat small quantities of it!!!!! it's kinda like starving yourself with health foood!!!! nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! ... and they say don't eat carbs. i love carbs. but i did eat less rice and noodles and all..... wuhooo.. tough to resist.

anyway, looks like tht dream of mine to look sexy when semester ends is fading away slowly... XD! (ok perasan here, but hey it's my blog!)

but i'm not giving up!!! i'm still gonna exercise and i'm still gonna eat the amount of food i desire!!! will try not to overeat... if cannot lose that excess fat, at least i'll still be content with life and also be healthy. ;)

the website i got the information from.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Turning Weird. Betrayal.

Obeservation has led me to believe that those people whose friends abandon them or have no one who is interested to be their friends tend to act weird and strange. Perhaps to get attention? I mean it's pretty normal right?? To act a little out of the ordinary when no one else is giving you attention or the treatment you need. Everyone is a social creature, they have to have someone to talk to or interact with.

In a way, I can't wait for next year, where all my closest friends will be going back home for good. Well of course i do feel scared as well. But I can finally try to make my own new friends and actually grow up on my own, discover my true self! not that that hasn't happened, but you know what i mean, experience something new right? like in foundation. :) But, what if i become one of those people who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Where people are just not interested to make a new friend? where people are too busy with their own life? *shocks* what if it's not all that, they just hate me?? gasps! Nooooooo!!!

Oh well, I'll just see what happens next year la. People won't hate you unless you give them a reason to right? People we meet nowadays are all grown up anyways, we accept differences, no? Why you so scared woman? :) Here's another list of things i wanna do next year, for reference la k. Get a part-time job. Actually, that's abt it. XD!

I'm bored.

On another note,

I've got a problem. I am having trouble letting go. I can't find myself forgiving people who have wronged me. But not that they deserve any when they don't ask for any. But i know keeping the grudge is not the answer, so what does one do? We meet each other now and then but yet i can't talk normal, i just react as little as i could with that that person, trying to rid of any sense of closeness that there once was. Because i'm still angry with what that person did. How do you trust someone who has betrayed you before? What's worse is when you confront that person, and he pretends that he doesn't even know abt it. And he talks to you as though nothing happened.

So do we say "byebye" to such a friend? The friend that once was? Is that holding a grudge? It's more of taking precautions, no? Who makes the same mistakes twice?

Monday, October 13, 2008


Heehehe... i know i know.. now's supposed to be the stressful time of the semester and YES, i'm SUPPOSED TO BE STRESSED OUT! i'm so behind in my design (which is the most important subject in Architecture) yet! i'm already thinking abt what is going to happen when the semester is OVER! ... ok maybe now that i've said that sentence, i feel a bit funny in my stomache. Please yeelyn! must you wait till you learn an unwanted lesson before you'll start engaging seriously in your work??!?!? .. I HOPE NOT! ok i shall promise, after i post this blog, i'll keep doing my work till i finish what i'm supposed to today and finish the rest tomorrow before the big day! Ok.

Hehe, things to plan and make sure happen before going home is

(1) SHOPPING!! Just keep shop shop shoP! haven't shopped for a full month! i think. i look into my closet and i see nth to wear home! NOTHINGGGG!! .. Swimsuit, shorts, tshirts.. whatever.

(2) Plan Loris's 21st Birthday Party. Hehehe.. we've already got the theme worked out and everything, it's going to be fun!!

(3) GOLD COAST!! This MUST BE THE GREATEST HOLIDAY GETAWAY OF ALL TIME!! It will be!! i WILL GUARANTEE IT!! YEELYN, YOU BETTER PLAN PROPERLY WHAT YOU WANT TO DO NICELY OR IT'LL BE THE END OF YOU!!! i want to surf (a bit scared of jellyfish and sharks but i really really want to try! but scared la... but i want to try!), hug koalas, sit rollercoasters, walk the beach, play volleyball, take absolutely stunning pictures, barbecue and yes have a wonderful time with My Baby and friends!!!! should we drink? but i don't want to spoil the next day. maybe no drinking. we'll see! just wanna lie down in the sands at night and stare at the stars.. aih...

(4) Hmmm, hopefully we can squeeze in a roadtrip in Melbourne before going home. If we have time, that is, besides packing! So melvin can look a round melbourne before he goes back... :(!!! WUWUWUWUWUUUU... I'll be ALL ALONEEEEE!! damn dramatic i know. but i don't care!! MelviN!! Don't LEAVE MEEE!!

(5) Oh well, then there's just the Going home part. wahahhahahhaaa!!

Soooo soooo sooooo excited. Ok yeelyn, back to work.

ps Get off your ass and go do some exercise!! how to look sexy if you're just going sit down all day eating and sleeping?!?!?! XD!

yes, i'm super excited.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

If all goes Well..

A recap of last month's events... i didn't take enough pictures... aih.

So-called Arabian Night at Seven. Only like what, 5% of them who dressed up as Arabians?? and that's INCLUDING THE PROMOTERS. Anyways, it was still a fun night, lots of free drinks! ;) We had a steamboat earlier with Ben and Yensun and loris and the rest.. so was feeling real full before clubbing and that's not good! hehe..

It was a fun night, a night to remember! :) (THOUGH i can't remember how i got home safely... haha thanks for bringing me back girls!)

Then there was that Mamak Night at Loris's House which i regret not taking any pictures... i wasn't feeling very well when i was there.. (Hardcore drinkiing the night before). But we did play lanterns as well at the playground behind where i used to live.. a spectacular view, so stupid that i forgot to bring my camera out there! I made really bad biryani rice and the rest made laksa and muffins and most bought satays and currypuffs and that's most of what i can remember. OOOOH! Otak otak!! i didn't know they had that in Australia! yummmmm..

A week later, Lantern Festival... was playing lanterns at Carlton garden.. surprisingly there were other malaysians just like us playing lanterns that night... haha, the awkwardness when we pass each other and say Happy Mooncake Festival... and smile! +_+

My Brother, ChenChiang.

The rest of us.

Some Thursdays, we go Cho Gao and have some complimentary champagne... and also a random Seven Night.
One not-so-special morning where we (Jin fannie and I) went to take some pictures for our photography course... we stop by for a big breakfast before heading off to class. THat up there is the breakfast i'll never forget. Eggs Benedict. The hollandaise sauce is unforgettable... and that poached egg is perfect... Damn.. still thinking abt it.. Jin and Fannie had the Big Breakfast. This was just a cafe oppposite our school. Very Australian.

Then another photography session at St Kilda and we had dinner after that..

Thanks baby for helping me carry that heavy camera and braving that cold cold, strong wind!! I didn't know weather could change in 20 minutes!! :( hehe..

There was also a barbecue that Jasmine and Ai Peng had on 2 separate days which i also regret not taking any pictures. haha.. But it was really fun! Loved Mahjong and beer and Icecream and Touch Rugby!

... on another note...

If it all goes well, these are my wants and goals when i'm back in Malaysia for the coming holiday! :) I've seen people do very interesting and exciting things and i want to try them too!

(1) this is probably not very exciting.. but, i want to go to Bubba Gump Shrimps @ the Curve!

(2) Wall climbing.

(3) Paintballing... it's so sad that so many people's done this but i haven't. :(

(4) I actually wanna play touch rugby at Langkawi. hehe.. Kelvin, here i come~ who wants to come with me to langkawi??

(5) Is it possible to go target shooting with a real gun without a license?? like just try??

(6) GO work at my dad's office ON TIME and for a FULL 2 MONTHS.

(7) Learn to edit videos at home and edit all the uneditted pictures!

(8) Lose that tummy of mine and get a target of a 25 inch waistline! hehehehe..

(9) Have the best pajamas-themed party at my house (a better organised one)! hehehe..

(10) Go to Bali!!

All these don't sound very hard right?? haha, hope all goes well so that i can do all of them! So that i can't say sorry to my 21st year! Wooooo!! ..

I kinda shock sendiri huh... :)

Anyway, things are getting more hectic lately.. more assignments, yet i'm still glued to the Sims 2 like nobody's business!! Melvin's got his PSP and i've got my game and we just couldn't stop!! i understand how games can ruin our future!! so i'm not playing till i actually finish my work everytime before my classes (though i'm still thinking abt it now, i just had twins!!) hahaha.. yeah, so i'm gonna start on my work now. And have a more balanced sleeping schedule girl!! Until next time! Miss you girls! :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Mid Year Holiday...

-Well, i found this post not posted up... i wrote this abt 2 months ago i think.. haha.. don't wanna waste the post.-


Let's recap on what happened in the past semester break...

I've had 3 really special 21st Birthday celebrations in melbourne! There was my real birthday where people who are closest to me came with the intention of surprising me at 12 midnight! i was literally sleeping because i was procrastinating from going to school to finish off my last submission due 2 days later. Thanks boys and girls! i love you all!

Then there was my 2nd celebration with my Uni friends in Sofia's! Thanks Kenneth and Harvey for my delicious Birthday cake!! love it!

Then, there was my Big 21st Birthday Bash in Parkville, with all my other dear friends and acquaintances here in Melbourne.. We had a fully themed party and it's "All Grown Up! and it's fully decorated with Keys and balloons. You know why. Everyone's supposed to come in either gold, yellow, white or grey. Not everyone wore those (a few didn't know abt it, i don't blame you guys!), but i'd like to give extra thanks to all who did! And finally, thanks to all for coming and making my birthday fun and special! It meant a lot to me!

Well, that one way to wrap the starting of my 21st year!

Hmm, a few days later, there was the arrival of the bubby, sweet, sexy secret love of my life, (don't be angry, loukong and loupo!) the one and only WongMeiWen. SO we brough her around...

My first Costume party in my Life~ Chai Lee and Joo's 21st Birthday-Halloween Party! Loved the setting, the deco, the costumes! I was glad to be involved, Chai Lee and Joo! Thanks for having me!

Then there was Philip Island.. We didn't get to see the kangaroos! .. maybe next time baby! the penguins were adorable..

Then there was all the open houses or just parties and random parties all over! :) A very lively holiday for me! a great start of my 21st year!! What are my objectives this year?

1) achieve a HD in my UpperPool Design Class.. HOPEFULLY! (Dont think it's happening.)

2) take 20 FANTASTIC pictures from now till the end of the year.

3) exercise at least 4 times a week!

4) be a trainee at a different architectural practice for 2 months. (Ok, maybe just my dad's place.)

5) train in badminton consistently and beat Weng Keong! (Been training!)

6) read one article (anything) a day. (Not really...)

Ok, these 6 should be enough for this year. My god, i'vee already screwed 1/3 of them up... but you can keep trying!

On a whole other note, i've now been separated from 2 close friends of mine. Loris and Fannie. My dearest..

(No pictures to post up as you've seen them all on facebook.) :)